Sooo… it has been quite the journey for us over the last year! We have been unveiling singles, playing live and facing some internal challenges. But after all that it feels good to finally get the rest of these songs out to fill your ears.

Today you can hear the first of our last two singles that are part of our upcoming EP entitled “Broken Chairs”.

Listen to “Freak Me Out” on your favourite streaming platform here:

Originally these songs were conceptually meant to be together and were recorded that way.  Now we are finally putting that vision together as one release.

On June 14th will be the second and final single Be Still My Heart along with the previously released 4 songs that make up Broken Chairs.

At this point there is new music in the works but likely won’t be out until the end of this or next year. 

Live shows may also be coming in the fall (or sooner).  We look forward to all of that and seeing your smiling faces again. FINALLY thank you for listening and making our last year one of the most rewarding for us!

Liner Notes:

Freak Me Out

Words by Michael Wynn

Music by Michael Wynn, Rolston Miller & Tom Nesbitt

Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Nixon Boyd, December 2022/January 2023/April 2024 at Simcoe Mechanical (Orillia) & (Toronto)

Vocals/Backing Vocals/Guitars: Michael Wynn

Synth/Bass: Nixon Boyd

Drums: Taylor Knox

Mastered by Noah Mintz, Lacquer Channel

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