June 14, 2024 – Written by Michael Wynn

Today marks the day we put into the world our “Broken Chairs” EP,  over the last year we have been slowly unveiling each song. Last year it was “Jealousy”, “Not The Man” and “Goodbye My Love”, this year it was “Freak Me Out” a month ago and today we have added the final song of the collection -> “Be Still My Heart”. 

Special thanks to Nixon Boyd as always for the stellar recording/producing and just plain musicality, these songs are way better and elevated because of your work into them!  

Also thank you to the Vicky von Vicky members, current and former (Rolston, Tom, Paul & Chris), for both your encouragement and enthusiasm with these songs.

The songs came together over the course of the first few years of the pandemic, 3 were written in May 2020, literally the day after I was told I was being laid off from my full-time job. The other two were written in the summer of 2022 after some inspiration hit. By fall we had started jamming again, and I presented the songs as demos to the group.  At the time I really wanted to record these songs right away and unfortunately decided that to record them solo.

So in December of 2022, I spent a weekend in Orillia at my cousin Nixon Boyd’s new Studio Simcoe Mechanical. His business partner, Taylor Knox contributed by playing drums, as my usual drummer for my solo stuff, Jake Boyd (also my cousin, lucky me!) couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts.

Right from the moment I started recording, I knew I wanted these to be part of an EP, and I had also settled (in my mind) on the title “Broken Chairs”. It wasn’t until after I had recorded them that I realized these actually would be better as Vicky von Vicky songs.  That’s when I was able to convince the group that we should release these songs that way.  Everyone was keen to do just that.

The songs should be played in order, if you have the chance (and time), try it out and you’ll see the short journey we take you on here:

  1. Jealousy
  2. Freak Me Out
  3. Goodbye My Love
  4. Not The Man
  5. Be Still My Heart

Stream it here or where you find your pod… oops you know what I mean! (been listening to too many podcasts lately, LOL) 




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