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Novena Sarafina!

D D D  G G G (repeatedly)

Hot damn it’s a cold December
I can’t breathe and I can’t remember
My mind stings it hurts real bad
I gotta sore head and a mom and dad

Good bye to the land of pharaohs
I reach back to the golden arrows
Try to cleanse myself from fear
You gotta know when how and who is near

Good times in the land of fire
Can’t breathe and have no desire
To see what your girlfriend brings
It’s like a fortune tellers favourite thing

Good times the fever’s high
I need answers
Though you want to die

Novena sarafina, 

You electrify me, you elect to find me

One day when a man got murdered
I saw his soul swim it then inverted
It’s like DN, DNA, We never try to make it feel this way

Hot times in the land fire!
And If we burn and The flames got higher
all my old friends would sell me clothes, Just like a hollow open disjointed nose

Good times…

You objectify me, you object to find me
You redefine me, Don’t redefine me
You electrify me, Don’t elect to find me
You elect to find me
Are you ready to find me?