Toronto indie-rockers Vicky von Vicky are back with “Goodbye My Love,” their third release of 2023. The track’s rock-heavy chord progressions and upbeat tempo are the perfect foil to tender, heartsick lyrics that serve as an ode to a lover already on their way out the door. Perfect for fans of Pixies, The Velvet Underground, or REM, the band’s sound is a nostalgic blend of classic rock and late 20th century pop — with a unique, irresistible modern twist.

First formed from the ashes of Kingston group Trains of Winter in the late 1990s, the four-piece released two albums before going on hiatus in 2001. Nearly two decades later, in 2019, Vicky von Vicky made their long-anticipated return to the Toronto music scene, carving out their own niche with a distinct style that draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including punk, grunge, soul, and hip-hop. It’s an approach that works and is largely tied together by the strong storytelling characteristic of their whip-smart lyricism.

“Back in May of 2020, I lost my full-time job to cuts that were Covid related,” Wynn explains. “Shortly over the next couple of days I wrote four or so songs. ‘Goodbye My Love’ was one of them. I go back to the Springsteen style of song-writing here, where you develop characters and a story, largely fictional, that is partially drawn from personal experiences. I usually like to put some sort of twist on it too, like the Pixies would. And for myself, somewhat ironically, when it comes to writing ‘happy-pop’ songs I tend to go the ‘breakup song’ route.”

Wynn knew ‘Goodbye My Love’ was something special, so he presented it, along with the other songs he’d penned, to the rest of the band. The group was blown away and set out to record it, enlisting Nixon Boyd of Hollerado fame to produce the tracks. They soon laid down most of the recordings, working primarily at Nixon’s new Simcoe Mechanical studio in Orillia, before putting finishing touches on vocals and guitars at Nixon’s Toronto-based Banquet Sound space.

The finished song is Vicky von Vicky to the core — the track is catchy, intimate, and addictive, ultimately driven home by rich vocals and a hook that will be stuck in your head for days. “Goodbye My Love” is a must-listen for fans of alternative music, proving that this band is one of Toronto’s rising stars.

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