Our third single from Farmers & Artists is the quirky prog-rock song Mama Says Lighthouse.  It’s essentially 2 songs in one. The first half of the song centres around a groovy hypnotic guitar riff, which, along with the vocals, slowly builds the tension in the song.

Stream it here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/vickyvonvicky/mama-says-lighthouse

The second half of the song, starting around the 3:50 mark, is based on the Lighthouse song “One Fine Morning”, the chords aren’t exactly the same, but the rhythm and feel are very close. Somehow we turned this into an epic jam.

Rolston tells us that at the time we recorded and played this song some 20-odd years ago his neighbour was the ex-wife of one of the Lighthouse band members (we’re not sure who exactly though!).  


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